District Health Office

District Health Office (DHO), Doti is the major technical and administrative unit of health in the district. DHO ensures proper delivery of preventive and curative health services through different health institutions in the district. 


  • To determine requirement of manpower for health institutions in the district.
  • To ensure supply of drugs, equipment, instruments and other materials at different health institutions in the district.
  • To ensure effective implementation of public health programs in the district.
  • To manage the immediate solution of problems arising from natural disasters and epidemics in the district at different levels.
  • To foster coordination with external development partners for effective delivery of resources and health services in the district.
  • To systematically maintain data, statements and information regarding health services in the district, update and publish them as required.
  • To identify gaps in health service delivery in the district and seek for solution.
  • Supervision/Monitoring in all health institutions in the district.


Roles and Responsibilities of District Health Office

District Health office was established in the year 2028 (BS) on the basis of the concept of decentralization policy. The office is located in Doti. Its existence continued even after the re-establishment of DoHS in 2051 BS. DHO, Doti is functioning under the FWRHD and DoHS. It has direct strong functional relationship with FWRHD, and with other health related organizations of district.



Interim Constitution of Nepal - 2063 aims to ensure basic health as the fundamental right of people. Thus, health is the basic right of people by law. Primary health care services will be provided according to the proclamation of the Alma Ata Declaration. Thus, DHO has mainly the following objectives to serve people according to the spirit of the government and the people:

  • To bring the preventive, curative and promotional health services up to the door steps of people.
  • Monitoring and supervision of health services.


 DHO working area

  • All VDCs of Doti
  • Inaccessible area covered by NIP session in Doti
  • Inaccessible area covered by PHC/ORC
  • Supervision and monitoring of I/NGOs, Teaching hospitals, Clinics, Pvt. Hospitals and Nursing Home in Doti
  • HFoMCs
  • FCHVs
  • Journalists